Travel with pets

Pets that fly with passengers may be accepted as baggage, paying the corresponding fare, if applicable, irrespective of the baggage allowance which the passenger has a right to.

As a general rule, these animals must be checked-in and loaded into the hold of the aircraft, where they will be placed in a container which can be obtained from some airlines.

In the correct conditions, they can sometimes travel with their owners in the passenger cabin. It is necessary to respect the airline's rules regarding the maximum measurements of the carrier and the maximum weight of the animal with its carrier or cage.

It is important that when you make the booking or buy the ticket, you state your intention of carrying a pet on board and find out the specific conditions for their transport (identification documentation, vaccination, microchip, etc.).

You can get more information about travel with pets at the site web of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.


Guide and assistance dogs

If you are travelling with a guide or assistance dog, it can board with the passenger without any additional charge. It should be properly equipped with muzzle, collar and lead. If the dog is going to travel in the cabin, it will be placed next to the passenger in a place indicated by the crew.In this event, we recommend that you notify the airline a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

However, you must take into account national regulations on assistance dogs if you are travelling to a country other than Spain as these regulations may require the dog to travel in the hold.