Passenger service commitment

The Spanish airlines and Aena, for its airport network, have voluntarily signed the Passenger Service Commitments developed by the European Airline, Airport and Consumer and User Associations.

These Passenger Service Commitments establish criteria and general principles that have subsequently been developed individually by each airline and airport. In this way, you can check and choose between the different service qualities offered by the different airlines before making your trip.

The airlines' commitment

In short, the airlines are committed to:

  • Offering the cheapest rate available through their points of sale.
  • Respecting the agreed rate after payment.
  • Informing passengers of delays, cancellations and detours.
  • Assisting delayed passengers.
  • Returning luggage promptly.
  • Allowing telephone bookings to be maintained or cancelled without any obligation or surcharge within a 24 hour period.
  • Paying refunds promptly.
  • Assisting passengers with reduced mobility or those with special needs.
  • Looking after the essential needs of passengers during long delays on board the aircraft.
  • Taking measures to speed up the check-in process.
  • Reducing the number of passengers denied boarding.
  • Providing passengers with information on commercial and operational conditions.
  • Providing information about the operating company.
  • Responding appropriately when dealing with passenger complaints.

The airports' commitment

Aena has developed its commitment regarding the following aspects:

  • People with reduced mobility.
  • Information to passengers about their rights.
  • Assistance during significant delays or disturbances.
  • Access and land transport.
  • Provision of infrastructure for check-in, luggage and security.
  • Maintenance.
  • Management of luggage trolleys.
  • Guidance and Check-in Desks.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Management of user comments.
  • Regular reports.

Both commitments contain an appendix devoted to the assistance of people with reduced mobility. The full text of these commitments can be obtained from the website of the Spanish Air Safety Agency:, but if you would like further details on the service offered, check with your airline or airport.