Liquids in hand luggage

In order to protect you against the risk of explosive liquids, the European Union (EU) has adopted security measures that restrict the amounts of liquids or substances with a similar consistency that passengers may carry through the security checkpoints at airports.

For the purposes of these requirements, the following are considered liquids:

  • Water and other drinks, soups, syrups.
  • Creams, pastes (including toothpaste), lotions and oils.
  • Perfumes.
  • Gels, such as shower gel or shampoo.
  • The contents of pressurised containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants.
  • Aerosols.
  • Any other substance of a similar consistency.

Permitted liquids

Liquids are only permitted in hand luggage in the following cases:

  • Liquids in individual containers with a capacity of less than 100 ml. These containers must be carried in a transparent plastic bag that can be resealed, with a capacity of not more than 1 litre (a bag approximately 20 x 20 cm in size). Each passenger may carry only one such bag (including children).

    The contents of this bag must fit easily and the bag must be completely sealable.

    Passengers should obtain such bags before commencing their journey. They can be purchased in any shopping centre, as long as the bags meet the established requirements, or in the shops at some airports.

  • Liquids that have to be used during the journey*, whether due to medical requirements or special dietary needs, including baby food.

    It is recommended that, whenever possible, passengers carry with them their medical prescription or proof of their particular condition.

    * Journey = outward flight stay return flight.

  • Liquids (drinks, cosmetics, perfumes etc.) bought at airport shops or on an aircraft belonging to any airline, which are packaged in standard pre-sealed security bags, which contain the receipt detailing their purchase at the airport or on the aircraft. Do not open the security bags until you arrive at your destination.

    Shop personnel and aircraft crew will offer passengers all the information they need on transporting the purchased liquids.

Liquid security check

The permitted liquids mentioned above may be inspected with special equipment for inspecting liquids. If you are going to travel with any of these liquids in your hand luggage, you must remove them when you reach the security checkpoints and place them in the tray provided so that they can be inspected separately from the rest of your hand luggage. You must present:

  1. All liquids in individual containers with a capacity of 100 ml. or less, carried in a transparent plastic bag that can be resealed, with a capacity of not more than 1 litre, in which they fit comfortably when the bag is closed.
  2. All other liquids, including those packaged in security bags. When security personnel are required to open these bags to inspect them, the liquids will be packaged in a new security bag provided by the airport.

Security personnel may require containers of liquid to be opened for inspection.

You may not enter the passenger-only zone of an airport or the cabin of an aircraft with liquids which have not passed a security check or which the passenger has not allowed to be inspected.

These restrictions relating to the transport of liquids do not affect luggage that is checked in.. 

In terms of liquids bought once through security checks or on board the aircraft, the staff in the commercial establishments and cabin crew will offer you all the necessary information regarding their transport.