The European Commission establishes control measures for all products of animal origin which may enter the territory of the European Union as part of the luggage of passengers from other countries. These measures are set out in EC Regulation 206/2009 which was passed to prevent the introduction of diseases through such products, and which applies to both products for personal consumption and to small deliveries to private citizens.

As a general rule the introduction of products of animal origin, meats, dairy products, etc., is prohibited, unless they are included in the exceptions established in the aforesaid Regulation.

The Regulation does not apply to personal items sent from Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland. Neither does it apply to personal deliveries of fish products sent from the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

For more information on the requirements established in this Regulation, consult the website of the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare.

Carrying foods in hand luggage

Apart from this regulation, there are no other restrictions on transporting food in hand luggage other than the size and weight limitations stipulated by your company and those regarding the carrying of liquids.

Special dietary requirements and baby food

In hand luggage, you can store the liquid food that must be used during the trip (departing flight stay return flight) for special dietary requirements, such as celiacs. This also applies to baby food. When required, passengers must show the authenticity of the food, which must be presented separately at security checkpoints. It is recommended that, when possible, passengers carry with them proof of their special condition.