When you arrive at the airport, you must check in your luggage at the desk assigned to your airline for that purpose, where you will be given your boarding pass and baggage claim tag.

Go to the check-in desk by the time indicated in writing (including via electronic means) by the airline, tour operator or authorised travel agent and, if no time is given, sufficient prior to the scheduled flight departure time. Some airlines may set other limits, so it is important that you find out sufficiently in advance.

Some airports have self-service check-in machines that also print your boarding pass. They are located next to the check-in counters.

Most airlines allow passengers to check in online on their website prior to leaving for the airport. You will receive your boarding pass when checking in, allowing you to proceed directly to the security checkpoints if you are only travelling with carry-on luggage. Remember to print off all your travel documents (e-ticket, boarding pass, etc.). You can also receive your boarding pass on your mobile device through e-mail, SMS or mobile applications. Check with your airline about the availability of these services.

Likewise, in some airports there are plastic-wrapping services to prevent damage to luggage during transport and storage in the aircraft's hold.

For passenger security reasons, passengers should not check in or transport luggage for strangers.