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Environment Office

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Environmental Management

The airport has implemented an environmental management system that enables each of the environmental aspects arising from its activities to be studied.

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Sound emissions

The airport has noise measurement terminals (NMT) located in strategic areas in order to detect, measure and chart the noise produced by aircraft.

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The Palma de Mallorca airport has adopted measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using more efficient lighting systems.

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The airport has made it a priority to reduce the consumption of drinking water without affecting the quality of the services it provides to its customers.

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The airport has built a waste transfer plant to properly treat the urban waste produced by airport and aeronautical activity.

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Atmospheric emissions

The airport has an air quality measurement system in place that calculates aspects of absorbency.

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A team of three falconers patrol the runways with their falcons in order to avoid the presence of any birds that could result dangerous for aviation.