The Palma de Mallorca airport has adopted measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using more efficient lighting systems.

As part of an agreement signed by Aena, Palma de Mallorca airport has joined the first phase of the European Energy Commission's Green Light Programme. The objective is to adopt measures to reduce gas emissions, which produce the greenhouse effect, through the use of more efficient lighting systems, for which some related programmes have already been completed. The airport continues to be open to new projects to improve energy efficiency.

The activities undertaken are included in the «lighting control system» project, which consists of controlling the lighting level of 3,536 of the lights in the new terminal, through the use of a computer. In the future, this control via computer will include presence detection systems, lighting in certain time zones, etc.

The increase in power consumption efficiency in these areas is achieved in various ways:

  • Control of the light intensity compared with the natural light that exists in these areas at all times.
  • Replacing the current conventional reactances with electronic reactances. In doing so, not only are the tube condensers and chokes eliminated, but power efficiency is also improved. On the other hand, when the tube's supply cycles increase, flickering is reduced (improving the lighting quality and reducing visual fatigue for workers and users) and the tube's average life increases.
    • Studies on the use of renewable energy

      Solar energy: There are currently 800 square metres of solar panels in the terminal's flat roof. Producing energy during the winter is part of the heat ring that heats the terminal. During the winter, they replace an electric heat pump and during the summer, they supply hot domestic water. This system produces a savings of 100 kilowatts per hour.

      Wind energy: Palma de Mallorca airport has participated in a renewable energy project, Ventelec, through which the use of energy generated by traditional windmills is studied.