The airport has three selective collection areas (recycling points) and a waste classification plant.

Daily activity generates around 3 tonnes of waste a year, and as much of this as possible is recycled.

One of the basic tasks in recycling is separating at the source. To do this, the airport has three selective collection areas (recycling points), and since 2001, a waste classification plant. Companies working in the airport can use it to deposit waste of a similar nature to urban waste.

The waste treatment plant classifies and selects waste such as paper, cardboard, glass, metal, wood, plastic, prunings, rubber from cleaning the runways, unused vehicles, etc. As much as possible is sold to the recycling industry. Paper and cardboard alone represent nearly 300,000 kg. The airport also uses outside waste management for sludge, rubble, inert waste from minor maintenance, and other bulky waste.

Cardboard, paper, batteries, light bulbs and used printer and photocopier supplies are also collected from all the offices.

Selective waste collection points have been set up in the terminals for use by passengers. There are also containers for waste from the security checkpoints.

The same waste treatment plant is used for the temporary storage, labelling and packaging of hazardous waste such as used oil and filters, fuel waste, batteries, leftover paint, fluorescents and mercury bulbs, water with hydrocarbons, ionic fire detectors, sanitation waste, etc. For this purpose, all the necessary measures to prevent pollution are available: separator, leakproof container, etc. The airport then outsources management of the hazardous waste to authorised companies.

The waste is gathered, classified and separated by a non-profit agency, the Association of Iberia Employees with Children with Disabilities (APM Iberia). The APMIB Special Job Centre in Malaga has a collaboration agreement with the airport, and work within this agreement is carried out by disabled workers, thereby helping its valuable efforts for the full integration of people with disabilities in society.

The airport's Environmental Department checks the proper management of waste generated by subcontracted companies and concessions through regular monitoring as part of the Company Environmental Watch Plan.