Frequently asked questions

Our job is to resolve passengers' queries at the airport. 

What type of aircraft operate from Madrid-Cuatro Vientos?

In Cuatro Vientos only the VFR transit is authorised. Here, the majority of Madrid's sports aviation takes place. All the planes using these facilities are small, turbopropeller, regenerating engine planes.

Is there any passenger traffic?

Madrid-Cuatro Vientos is an airport mainly devoted to general aviation, which is why there is no passenger traffic as such. People using this aerodrome are mostly clients of pilot schools and, to a lesser extent, private traffic, air work, flying club and State flights (police and military).

When is the airport open?

In both summer and winter, from 09:00 until sunset.

What services does the terminal have?

It has a hall for passengers, toilets, ARO office, MET services, restaurant-cafeteria and Police and Civil Guard areas (customs and immigration control services).

Is there a car park?

Madrid-Cuatro Vientos airport currently has about 4,700 square metres for free parking. There is space for approximately 220 vehicles.

How can one come from Madrid without a car?

There is a bus stop one kilometre from the airport, in the La Fortuna district. The stop is for the 483 and 487 lines, that come from Aluche, and the 486, from Oporto. Also it is possible to call one of the Madrid radiotaxi firms (91 405 55 00 / 91 447 51 80 / 91 445 90 08).