Season tickets & discounted fares

See the different types of passes and fares.

There is a wide range of transport tickets available, which adapt to the needs of particular users depending on the number of trips, travel zones or preferred means of transport.

The passes need to be recharged using the two types of contactless cards available:

  • Multi: contactless, rechargeable non-personal public transport card, valid for ten years, which can be used for non-personal tickets in the public transport service fare system of the Community of Madrid. Tourist passes are charged exclusively on this card.

    It can be purchased from the automatic Metro and Metro Ligero machines and from the tobacconist network and other authorised points of sale. It can be charged with single and 10-trip Metro and Metro Ligero tickets, 10-trip city and intercity bus tickets and tourist tickets.

  • Personal Public Transport Card: contactless card which can be used for transport tickets issued by the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid. It is a personal and non-transferable card which is valid for 10 years following its date of issue (4 years in the case of cards charged with annual passes). The name and photograph of the card holder appears on the card, along with a card identification number.

    Public Transport Cards may be requested online, at any tobacconist that provides card charging services, over the phone by dialling 012 (appointment) or at the Public Transport Card management offices.

Transport Pass

Valid for unlimited travel within its corresponding zones (eight zones, six in the Madrid Region and two in Castilla-La Mancha) and validity period (30 days or annual). It can be used on all EMT bus routes, all Metro Madrid lines, all the Metro Ligero network, all Cercanías Madrid local trains, and all the city and intercity buses not managed by Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT). In order to be used, this ticket must be charged on the Personal Public Transport Card.

Tickets can be recharged at the Cercanías, Metro and Metro Ligero machines, certain Bankia ATMs that indicate that they support this feature, the information points at the transportation hubs and at any tobacconist and other authorised points of sale.

Tourist Pass

The Tourist Pass (also known as Tourist Card or Day Pass) gives holders unlimited use of all the means of public transport in the Community of Madrid before its expiry date; meaning that it a practical and profitable way to get around the city . Tourist transport passes can be bought for 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 calendar days and for two zones (A and T).

Tickets valid for zone A may be used in:

  • Metro de Madrid fare zone A. You will not need to pay the supplement fee at the airport.
  • All the EMT bus lines, except the express line to the airport.
  • Cercanías Madrid RENFE stations, zones 0 and A.
  • Metro Ligero Line ML1.

Tickets valid for zone T may be used in:

  • All Metro zones (A, B1, B2 and B3). You will not need to pay the supplement fee at the airport.
  • All EMT and intercity bus lines, including services to Toledo and Guadalajara. It does not include the express line to the airport.
  • The entire Cercanías Madrid RENFE network (zones 0, A, B1, B2, B3, C1 and C2).
  • Metro Ligero ML1, ML2, ML3 and ML4.

This ticket is exclusively charged on the Multi Card, which is free of charge for people who choose the Tourist Pass option when acquiring it. Once its period of use is up, it can be recharged with single and 10-trip tickets. The Tourist Pass is valid for the number of calendar days specified in each case from its date of first use (this does not have to be the same as the date of purchase). It is valid for the nocturnal services running until 05:00 on its last day of validity.

Tourist Passes can be purchased at all Metro and Metro Ligero stations, at the entrance to the T4 Airport Cercanías station, at the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid's main office (Plaza de Descubridor Diego de Ordas, 3) and at tobacconists and other authorised points of sale. If you already have a Multi card, you can recharge it at the machines in the Cercanías stations and at certain Bankia ATMs that indicate that they support this feature.

There is a 50% discount for children under 11 years old on the Tourist Passes (children under 4 years old travel free within the Metro and EMT services, and children under 6 in Cercanías).