P2 car park (terminals T2 and T3)

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The P2 car park is conveniently located a few metres from terminals T2 and T3 of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, which can be reached easily in just 2 minutes. The ideal option for stays of less than 4 days, and for picking up or dropping off passengers. The rate is per minutes.

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GPS co-ordinates

Car park entrance (access from North 1):

  • Latitude: 40º 28' 08.94'' N
  • Longitude: 3º 34' 19.45'' W

Car park entrance (access from North 2):

  • Latitude: 40º 28' 09.38'' N
  • Longitude: 3º 34' 19.76'' W

Car park entrance (access from South):

  • Latitude: 40º 28' 01.60'' N
  • Longitude: 3º 34' 19.48'' W

P2 car park (Terminal T2)

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Car park office

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Car park payment machines

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