Always take a taxi from the signed taxi rank at the terminal and avoid taxi drivers offering services from other points.

The airport has a permanent fleet of 69 taxis throughout the whole year, three of which are specially equipped for people with disabilities. If you need a taxi, and there aren't any at the rank, you can call Radio Taxi de San José (971 800 080). From June to September, both inclusive, 70 additional taxis are in operation, bringing the total to 139.

Suitcases and pets are carried free of charge. Demand a bill in the case of any complaint.

Stops at the airport


Type Start of service Minimum fare: Price/km Waiting time
Daytime rate Weekdays from 7:00 to 21.00 €3.65 €1.09 €19.58
Night-time rate Weekdays from 21:00 to 7:00, Saturdays from 15:00, and holidays €3.65 €1.33 €23.98
Item Price
Journeys to or from the port or airport €1.80
Radio telephone call €1.30

* Approved rates in B.O.I.B. number 77 dated 7 June 2014.


  • Radiotaxi: 971 800 080