Just 7.5 km from the capital, and perfectly connected to the most important tourist centres, the Ibiza airport is the island's primary communications artery. The airport facilities serve Ibiza and Formentera, and they are used by 95 per cent of all people who arrive at or depart from these islands.

Ibiza airport is characterised by the seasonal nature of its demand and by its predominantly tourist character. It also offers very important scheduled inter-island and mainland traffic, with flights centring on the management or business hubs, such as Barcelona, Madrid-Barajas and Palma de Mallorca, with constant distribution characteristics throughout the year.

The total traffic volume in 2018 included 8,104,453 passengers, 76,995 operations and 1,616 tonnes of cargo.

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Year Passengers Year Passengers
2009 4,572,819 2014 6,212,198
2010 5,040,800 2015 6,477,283
2011 5,643,180 2016 7,416,161
2012 5,555,048 2017 7,903,928
2013 5,726,579 2018 8,104,453