Photo gallery of Lleida

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The natural landscape in Lleida, enriched by medieval man with the invaluable group of Romanesque churches in Vall de Boi, is amazing no matter where you look: to the south, the fertile meadows of the Segre; to the north the Pyrenees and mountainous valleys; and, to top it all of, the Aiguëstortes National Park.

  • Lleida. Night view
  • Bell tower of the old cathedral
  • Old Cathedral
  • Old Cathedral. Cloisters
  • Palace of La Paeria
  • Sótano de la Paería
  • New Cathedral
  • Sant Llorenç Church
  • Interior of the Sant Llorenç Church
  • Sant Llorenç Church. Main altarpiece
  • Plaza de San Juan
  • Old hospital of Santa María
  • Casa Magí Llorens
  • Casa de Balasch
  • La Llotja
  • Lleida Museum
  • Diocesan Museum
  • El Bovalar archaeological site
  • Iberian settlement of Molino de Espigol
  • Vilars de Arbeca archaeological site
  • Ichnite archaeological site of Posa
  • Sant Climent de Taüll Romanesque Church
  • Romanesque Christ Pantocrator of San Vicente de Taüll
  • Santa Maria de Taüll Romanesque Church
  • Sant Joan de Boí Romanesque Church
  • Sant Joan de Boí. Paintings
  • Santa Eulàlia d'Erill la Vall Romanesque Church
  • Santa Eulàlia d'Erill la Vall Romanesque Church. Inside
  • Sant Feliu Romanesque Church in Barruera