Social action principles

We are a company committed to society. Solidarity is the essence of our responsible social commitment.

Social action linked to strategy

Aena’s aim is to align its entire social contribution with its 2018-2021 Corporate Responsibility Plan, setting out lines of action through sustainable medium- and long-term projects in the places where we operate.

Our aim is to support –directly or indirectly– social, environmental, educational and sports projects and actions that can bring value to the business.

Community contribution

The principles of social action and contribution to the community are set out in Aena’s Corporate Responsibility policy. Their purpose is to align the company’s social collaboration with its business activity, so as to consolidate trust between the company and the communities in which it operates.

The aim of these principles are:

  • Foster sustainable development and create a shared value, by encouraging community participation as well as integration throughout the country, and contributing to social welfare in the places where Aena operates.
  • Promote Aena’s values and commitment to the social dimension of corporate responsibility.
  • Back the culture of commitment among employees, encouraging their participation in social actions and contribution to the community.
  • Support environmental, educational, health, teaching, sports, and social projects or actions directly or indirectly relating to the airport surroundings, and which are set out in Aena’s Corporate Responsibility policy.