Management Board

The Board functions as the Company's control and oversight body.

Aena S.M.E., S.A.'s Board of Directors

As part of the Company's commitment to its shareholders, the Board of Directors carries out its role and responsibilities according to corporate governance regulations primarily set forth in the Company's Articles of Association, the Regulations governing the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Regulations governing the Board of Directors.

The Board functions as the Company's control and oversight body, with a remit exclusively encompassing matters such as corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, dividend policy, management objectives and annual budgets, investment policy and financing among others.

In accordance to its Regulations, the day-to-day business management of the Company falls to its management team and the corresponding executive bodies.

Aena's Board of Directors is now made up of 15 directors: 6 independents, 6 government appointments, 1 director representing TCI Advisory Services and 2 executive director, one of them held by the current Chairman and CEO of Aena.

Board of Directors