Service excellence

The airport's handling agents are committed to continuously improving the service.

The goods terminal handling agents who provide services to airlines operating at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in providing their services.

As a result of this commitment, they have adopted common indicators and targets, and a monthly measuring process that enables them to publish the following quarterly service indicators:

Imported goods handled by agents or customs services No. of shipments included in the sample Target % of shipments that meet the target (*)
% of general cargo shipments in WB COMBI AIRCRAFTS, with RCF < ATA + 6 hours 7,565 95% 98.56%
% of general cargo shipments in NB COMBI AIRCRAFTS, with RCF < ATA + 4 hours 6,950 95% 99.49%
% of express handling cargo shipments in COMBI AIRCRAFTS, with RCF < ATA + 2 hours - 95% -

* Measurements conducted on 14,515 import shipments during the second quarter of 2019, from all handling agents (except WFS).