T1 first class car park

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This new car park, located on the 2nd floor of the North area (modules D, E and F) of the T1 General Car Park, has a special rate and the advantage of allowing direct access from your vehicle to the terminal building.

To access, you must go to the current entrances to the General Car Park located in the North. Then you should go to the second floor, inserting the ticket in the entrance barrier to the area reserved for this service.

The payment when leaving is made on a regular basis at any of the payment points at the airport.

In addition, if you are a member of Aena Club Cliente, you can use the First Class  Car Park at the same price as the General Car Park. Depending on the destination you can benefit from up to 50% discount. For more information: Aena Club Cliente

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GPS co-ordinates

Latitude: 41° 17' 17.664'' N
Longitude: 2° 4' 13.026'' E

T1 first class car park

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