Flight connections


Connections between terminals

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport offers a Shuttle Bus service connecting T1 and T2, 24 hours a day for free.


Several airlines and handling agents has desks in the boarding area for connecting flights information: Iberia, Vueling, Groundforce, y Swissport.

You can also get information about and directions to your connecting flight at the Aena information desks (green jackets).

Connecting time

The time needed to reach connecting flights varies depending on the route, the airline, and whether you need to pick up your luggage or if it is checked through to the destination. It can also vary significantly depending on whether the connecting flight is from the same terminal or from a different terminal.

Transport between terminals
Terminal Go to Mode of transport Estimated time Location of bus stop
T1 T2 B and C Shuttle Bus 10 minutes T1. Arrivals
T2 T1 Shuttle Bus 14 minutes T2 B. Departures
T2 C. External road
T2 A T2 B Walking 2 minutes  
T2 B T2 C Walking 5 minutes  
Shuttle Bus 1 minut T2 B. Departures