Corporate Aviation Terminal

Since the year 2000, corporate aviation has experienced a growth of 60 per cent and because of this the strengthening of the Corporate Aviation Terminal is considered key, both in terms of generating economic activity and in providing a high quality, competitive, global airport.

Jointly managed by Spanish FBO and Skyvalet, which have a large fleet of aircraft and predict significant future expansion, this Terminal offers excellent customer service, applying flexible solutions that take into consideration both individual needs and those of the companies. All provided with the service our customers deserve and with the aim of guaranteeing their maximum comfort.

This encourages competition among the operators with a view to offering the highest quality standards in a specialised airport operation. Corporate aviation has a high number of business and company travellers, which provides added value.

The total surface area of the terminal is 2,118 square metres. On the ground floor are the waiting rooms, the VIP lounges and the public areas; on the upper floor you will find the meeting rooms and company offices. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is situated opposite the corporate aviation apron which has capacity for 42 places. It offers the following facilities and comforts, among others:

  • Situated 12 kilometres from the centre of the city
  • It takes 7 minutes to get from the Terminal car park to the aircraft.
  • The Commercial Aviation Terminal is 7 minutes away.
  • Passport control and security in the same terminal.
  • VIP lounges.
  • The facilities on the apron ensure quick, safe operation.

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport currently has 42 corporate aviation spaces and has the following companies with offices in the Terminal: Gestair, Menzies Aviation, ExecuJet, Executive Airlines, General Aviation Service and Euraservices.

For further information please contact the management companies of the terminal:

Spanish FBO Barcelona


see plan of the terminal