Cultural tours

A Coruña Airport open its doors to primary school students with visits to its facilities. These visits are intended to introduce primary school students from A Coruña and its surrounding areas to the airport's activities, including the key points passengers go through and some areas less known to users, such as Animal Control Services and Firefighting.

The visits, which will start in October, will be held once a month and will be two hours long. During the visits, students will learn about the work of the different groups employed in the airport, who ensure Alvedro is operational and safe, and the strategic value of an airport in its area of influence as a driver of the economy and society.

Schools interested in visiting the airport should email from the school's official email address, indicating the class and approximate number of students who will visit, and the school's contact details.

Applications will be accepted up to 30 June. If applications exceed the eight visits planned by the airport, there will be a draw. The number of students from each school will be limited by the capacity of the bus, and only one visit per school will be allowed.

Visiting schools can enter the drawing competition, with prizes for the best artwork on the airport's activities. The artworks will be exhibited in the Terminal at the end of the school year.